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FAITHE + LARRY | Barclay Villa Wedding

This was my first wedding at Barclay Villa in Angier, North Carolina. I met Faithe when she was a cheerful bridesmaid in a wedding I photographed this past spring.  I was delighted to capture Faithe & Larry’s wedding day! My favorite moment’s from the day were Larry’s reaction to seeing Faithe walk down the aisle and Faithe’s fabulous dresses! Excluding the Bride and Groom, the best outfit award goes to the adorably dapper ring bearer!

Venue: Barclay Villa

Caterer: Larry’s Southern Kitchen

DJ: All Events DJs

Cake: Dreme Cake Artistry

Wedding Planner: Barclay Catering and Event Planning

Faith + Larry_0001.jpgFaith + Larry_0002.jpg
Faith + Larry_0004.jpg
Faith + Larry_0003.jpg
Faith + Larry_0005.jpg
Faith + Larry_0007.jpg
Faith + Larry_0006.jpg
Faith + Larry_0008.jpg
Faith + Larry_0009.jpg
Faith + Larry_0011.jpg
Faith + Larry_0010.jpg
Faith + Larry_0012.jpg
Faith + Larry_0013.jpg
Faith + Larry_0014.jpg
Faith + Larry_0015.jpg
Faith + Larry_0016.jpg
Faith + Larry_0017.jpg
Faith + Larry_0018.jpg
Faith + Larry_0019.jpg
Faith + Larry_0020.jpg
Faith + Larry_0021.jpg
Faith + Larry_0022.jpg
Faith + Larry_0023.jpg
Faith + Larry_0024.jpg
Faith + Larry_0026.jpg
Faith + Larry_0025.jpg
Faith + Larry_0027.jpg
Faith + Larry_0028.jpg
Faith + Larry_0029.jpg


Wanda Short - OH! How Beautiful you were!!! I am so very proud of you and yours.. I pray that GOD will continue to bless the love that you have for each other and this was one of the most beautiful wedding pictures I have ever seen. You are a Queen who married her King and have been blessed with a little princess. Love you always. Momma Short.

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